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When I was at Best Buy and realized ANTi was only on TIDAL that week.


Track 1 – Consideration: I too, cannot get no peace of mind when I look outside my window, and must do things my own way, darling. Consideration does a fine job setting the album’s reggae tone.

Track 2  – James Joint: The lyrics are a tad lazy on James Joint. I’m fine with hazy meanings, but the lines don’t flow well enough to even give double entendre much of a chance. I mean, maybe I’m missing something – or maybe there’s nothing to get.

Track 3- Kiss It Better: Rhythm and rhyme are in sync here, making the elementary song formulation work for a long time. It wasn’t till my seventh listen to the album that I had to skip this one.
Track 4 – Work: Rihanna knew this would be a hit – and it’s pretty sweet! Upbeat, catchy, and just enough Drake.

Track 5 – Desperado: I am a badass when I listen to this song. I roll down the windows in my car and stick my hands out the sunroof. The message of running away with a co-conspirator is thrilling, like the bass.

Yas bitch.
Who me?

Track 6 – Woo: I can listen to this song most of the way through before going to the next track, but I will have to skip it completely after hearing it a few more times.

Track 7 – Needed Me: Rihanna, please make a video for this one. Be facing the camera dead-on for this accusatory track. The hook is so sing-able, but it’s the desperate attempt to connect to an oblivious lover that makes Needed Me continue to be a fave.

Track 8 – Yeah, I Said It: *Draws a bath* *Lights incense* *Enjoys the shit out of this slow-rolling jam*

Track 9 – Same Ol’ Mistakes: Is stuck in my head at this moment. “Feel like a brand new person,” the way she sings it, comes out as an empowering hook.

Track 10 – Never Ending: A melody like silk, I wrap this song around me every time I pull the tune from my throat.

Track 11 – Love On The Brain: Rihanna’s voice is great for this smokey saloon style song. Perfect gettin’-ready music.

Track 12 – Higher: A personal favorite. Rihanna’s vocal chords are so raw I can smell the Hennessy on her breath.

Track 13 – Close to You: The melody will get old quickly, but a sweet song nonetheless, spreading its message using words that don’t normally get used together. I appreciate the phrase, “so close that if they hurt you, you wouldn’t find out.” I imagine a protective forcefield around Rihanna’s, and my own, loved ones.

Track 14 – Goodnight Gotham: I didn’t actually know that this song, composed of three words for a minute and a half, was it’s own track, and not the tail end of Close to You.

Track 15 – Pose: Obviously, the best song on the album. Rih, why didn’t you make this your single instead of Work? Is it because it doesn’t feat. Drake? POSE BITCH – TAKE A PHOTO.

Track 16 – Sex With Me: You’ll find yourself howling this song at the top of your lungs while walking in the park, just as someone jogs up behind you, but you won’t feel embarrassed, because Rihanna’s words are true.


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