It’s Not Your Job to Make People Understand

Last night I spent some time with a dear friend, and our conversation led her to say, “It isn’t your job to make others understand.” Her words resonated with me and inspired me to write this post addressing what so many of us struggle with: the co-dependent tendency of people-pleasing. It’s in our nature…… Continue reading It’s Not Your Job to Make People Understand

Trust Me, I Love You

Feel this spider’s rope Invisible, yet strong. I’ve got you. You can keep dropping. Down, Down, Down.   I always have enough rope. It will not break. You are safe down there. Because I am up here.   And when you are ready When your work down there is done When the excavation is complete…… Continue reading Trust Me, I Love You

What Godzilla: King of Monsters Taught Me About Shadow Work

The 2019 monster film Godzilla: King of Monsters is the perfect metaphor to discuss the demons that lurk beneath our sunny demeanor, and how making peace with our demons can lead to a brand new existence, free from the chains of fear.I’ll start with a plot re-cap for those who haven’t seen the movie. It…… Continue reading What Godzilla: King of Monsters Taught Me About Shadow Work

Play, Ground.

What can a swing teach me about life?   I see the swing. I think, “Oh, this looks fun.” I climb on, I push off, I ascend.   I pick up speed. My stomach drops. I feel afraid.   I slow down. I scrape the bottom of my Chucks against the ground.   I regain…… Continue reading Play, Ground.

Fully Human: Destruction

Today a storm raged in Austin, and the natural process of destruction inspired me. Examples of beneficial aspects of destruction include a forest fire that fertilizes new generations, or the storm that is, as I write this, filling our Greenbelt with fresh water. Nature teaches us that destruction and creation can and must co-exist. Nature…… Continue reading Fully Human: Destruction

The Hardest Part of Change

My blog focuses on personal growth, positive expansion, and ending bad habits. I talk about the pathways to change, and how good change comes from within. If change can be good, then why does it hurt so badly? The answer is, change doesn’t have to hurt. In this piece, I’ll explain how compassion can transform…… Continue reading The Hardest Part of Change

Dear Dan Harmon

Dear Dan Harmon, I’m just a (gibberish1, I know you don’t care.) I just wanted to say (gibberish2, I know you don’t give a damn.) So yeah, I hope you (gibberish3, I know you don’t care,) and (gibberish4, I know you don’t give a damn.) You really (gibberish5) me. (Gibberish6) you, Pearl 1…… Continue reading Dear Dan Harmon

Staying the Course: How to Reach Your Goal

A lot of us know how to set goals. Boy, can we set them. But we set goals and then something happens between start and finish, and our goals remain un-reached, despite our earnest desires and efforts. Why? The answer I propose is that as we near a goal, we change. And this change in…… Continue reading Staying the Course: How to Reach Your Goal