Austin Flights Grounded in Snow

M and I were to be in Mexico by now, Monday night, but our flight got cancelled twice due to the historic snowpile in Central Texas. I am spending not one but three days in Austin, but I’m not too disappointed because I get to see friends and witness this strange weather!

Me, as a Snow Angel; We Are One

@marcspeir of in the snow

We explored the neighborhood and saw people Muddin’ in the snow. You know, as if the snow was mud.. M got a video which I’ll link later.

The sun is out and it’s quite pretty outside, once you get over the weirdness – almost creepiness – of such a weather occurrence. I had my big North Face jacket and boots, and Marc had his gear from his time in Colorado, but our preparedness is rare here. If this is the new winter in Austin, people will need the right equipment. And infrastructure.

This is where new technologies will come in, I predict. Like self-driven cars that can make the drive across these spaces.

I missed my therapy appointment today – total oops. But my phone isn’t working, because of some issue switching carriers…

I’d tell you more about it but…


keep posted for a recipe by M that I love to eat. It’s chili!


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