Third Snow Day in Austin, and Counting…

Our flight to Mexico got canceled for the third time, and it seems we are running out of options to go on this vacation. It seems the weather had other plans for me. Looking outside, a small patch of the back porch has melted, no doubt leaving a dangerous film of ice. I’m less worried about going to Playa del Carmen, at this point, as I am worried about getting back to New York. The earliest flight out of Austin-Bergstrom International may be another two days away. I can only imagine the hellish nightmare flying out of this snow-bound area will be, and I’m eager to get back home sooner rather than later.

who is he? 2/17/21 Austin, Texas

My friend H was able to drive to the local grocery store, where she said there was a 45-minute line, and a fifteen-item minimum that wasn’t being enforced. It’s tempting to imagine movies about zombies or some other apocalypse, but I hope everyone stays calm and civil until the snow melts. The governor of the state declared disaster five days ago. 😮

It’s no longer a fun, whimsical thing – if it ever was – now, the snow is a serious and deadly issue. M said forty-two percent of Austinites are out of power. The weather is cold, New Yorkers would say it’s brick, outside. And some people have no power to heat their homes. I guess they’ll have to bundle up, but with the proper electric the air conditioning really works. I’m wearing a t-shirt and leggings and flip-flops. I’m not cold… I want to turn off the electricity for an hour and see what it would be like. But M says no. 😦

I had to make an edit to yesterday’s post – I’m reading Empire of the Summer Moon by S. C. Gwynne. It’s engrossing. I’m so thankful for books that take me away to long ago…

It’s about war and people on horseback and a threat against Westward expansion.

I started reading it around the end, just so I could get to the good bits. And they were super good, so now I’ve started from the beginning.

The trip to Mexico might be cancelled, and this is such a bummer. Why is it such a bummer? Because I really wanted to go, but I guess it’s not meant to be… The weather had other plans.

Guys, is the there a conspiracy to where our weather is being programmed? or is it a result of the anthropocene?

miss anthropocene poem by Grimes in February 2020

So flights out are cancelled anyway for today. I have not been outside yet, but… I see snow and a little patch of green grass peeking through. I think it’s good weather to build a snowman. 😛


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