Day One Without Water: Austin Severe Weather

The situation has gotten dire. Last night around 6 PM we lost water, though luckily we still have electricity. We saved enough water to make the Maxwell House coffee. I don’t know how long we will be out of water, or why this is happening. I guess we can drink our own piss.

Bear Grylls 2010

M says this is kind of like camping; and it makes us appreciate everything we have. I’m certainly grateful for the internet connection.

The Texas Tribune wrote that Woodfin, of ERCOT, acknowledged that there’s no requirement to prepare power infrastructure for such extremely low temperatures. “Those are not mandatory, it’s a voluntary guideline to decide to do those things,” he said. “There are financial incentives to stay online, but there is no regulation at this point.” So basically the Texas water and power pipes aren’t insulated, and there is no rule that says pipes need to be ready for such low temps.

I booked a flight to leave Austin-Bergstrom International for Newark Liberty on Friday the 19th, at 4:32 PM. God willing, I’ll be home by Friday night by midnight.

I’m beginning to lose track of the days. Thank goodness for my Apple Watch, which shows the date and the phase of the moon. I slept on M’s bed and he slept on the couch, for the second night in a row.

The other roommate, E, comes back from her private isolation today. She had COVID and spent her quarantine at some sick ward hosted by the University of Texas. Well, at least there will be another human in the house to annoy. And, she’ll be able to scout the roads and see if they’re passable. I wonder how conditions will be as I travel to the airport.

By the way – here’s the Joe Rogan’s podcast with the S. C. Gwynne, who wrote Empire of the Summer Moon. I haven’t listened to it yet. I’d like to watch the John Wayne movie “The Searchers;” it’s the fictionalized story of on of the accounts of a white woman kidnapped by the Indians. I also heard the 2017 movie “Wind River,” about a mystery and a killing of a Native girl, is pretty good.

Without water, how am I going to poop? M says preferably outside. The web says it’s better to scoop out your sh*t with a plastic bag from the toilet bowl. Good god, what is happening? M and R have been peeing outside.

Why is the water not working? Austin water says they haven’t turned off the water, so I think it’s an issue with the pressure.

M says we can’t keep thinking in our “normal, wasteful” ways. I’ll check back in later.


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