Killing Me Softly & the Tenement Museum was Closed

Listening to the Fugees while on my couch under the electric blanket.

The tenement museum was *closed* ( like Dairy Queen was closed in the Zoom blooper.)

Luckily, I had 1 pm tour of the Merchant’s House Museum and learned about how people lived back in the 1850s. I also learned that back in the day, New York City didn’t go beyond East 4th street and they hadn’t built Central Park yet, it was all forests and farm land.

The guide mentioned another museum in the Bronx called the Valentine Valerian.

Built in 1758
The Merchant’s House Museum

I’m really so annoyed about the Tenement Museum being closed. I typed it into the Apple iPhone maps app, and it clearly shows it is open throughout the week. So last week I showed up, looking all happy, and the flipping museum had a sign that said open Saturdays 11 AM to 4 PM. So I made the journey back down today, which is actually the third time I’ve tried to go there and it was only a virtual tour. Imagine my disappointment.

Another thing that happened today is I don’t like the new jeans like that. It’s because they’re skinny jeans, and TickTock says the skinny jeans out of fashion. And I do admit I felt like I had just gotten off shift at a Starbucks in my skinny jeans and Nike sneakers. I was very comfortable, but I felt like I could do better at expressing myself through my style. So I gave away the jeans today. Mari Kondo would be proud.

Do you know what? I am interested in a wide legged canvas trouser. Riddle me that.

The last thing I need is sweaters or tops. I have eight sweaters, four which I wear constantly and four which are new.

Wearing my Lululemon’s leggings underneath the dress I got would totally work, Especially with a sweater over it; the weather is warming up and I can get away with a less heavy jacket.

After coming home from my museum outing, I ate leftover pasta and ordered a delicious pistachio cheesecake from Sweet Scape Desserts.

Pistachio Cheesecake

The chocolate chip cookies from this place were not anything to write home about, however. They were missing the soft, pillowy fluff of a delicious cookie.

I’m getting sleepy now. Talk to you later,


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