In Jeans, Watching Smog Through the Windows

I’m wearing the out-of-fashion skinny jeans I just got – plucked them from obscurity in the give-away pile and pulled them on. I’m keeping them. they fit like a glove.

But I can’t wear them with tennis shoes. It’s ok to wear tennises shoes with boot leg pants or workout gear or even a dress, but with skinny jeans, today, in 2021, it’s gonna be a no for me.

I tried to force the idea that I could dress like a dork ironically. But what I really want is a pair of Chelsea boots.

Yes, I said it.

Moves to New York, 8 months later owns a pair of Chelsea boots. I think my skinny jeans would look great with those, anyway.

Among the usual things to do today (shop for DC, shop for myself,) I go through the imminent Folder.

The imminent folder is one of two folders I own that holds my doccies. It’s everything that is pending, and I need to address the items in the imminent folder, imminently. Imminent means like the due date is about to occur, so I better get on it asap. Marie Kondo taught me.

I haven’t looked at it since I made it. But that’s about to change.

Three things I’m thankful for from yesterday:

  1. delicious pasta
  2. a drawing I made of the foggy evening
  3. comfy shoes, even though it was raining and they got wet

Let it be known that I just turned off both heaters and opened all two windows in my place. That can only mean one thing: Spring is in the air!

10 PM update: I am sitting on the living room floor thankful for the knowledge that people in the 1850s re-arranged their furniture constantly, to suit the activity of the moment. Today I pulled my kitchen table to the window to work on the Imminent folder. I’ve since then sort of put the table back in the kitchen.

Amazon movie rentals fooled me today by using a different movie synopsis for the 1974 Terrence Malick movie “Badlands.” So I rented it thinking it was about 1975 Apaches, turns out its a weird romance starring Martin Sheen and Sissy Spacek. I enjoyed it.

My favorite drink right now is the largest San Pelligrino bottle I can get my hands on. I love how the bubbles feel and taste.

My hair needs a good washing but I am loathe to get wet. Even with my nice bath stuffs, showers and baths don’t tempt me easily. Besides, getting my hair wet and washing it means drying and detangling… I don’t know why I prefer complaining when it comes to my hair. If I spent half this energy working on my hair, maybe I’d have less to say.

Tomorrow is taxes workday number one. I predict it takes me two days tops to finish my report and send it to Uncle Sam.

I got soy sauce on my pants today – the ones that are woefully out of season. I discussed the topic with a fellow lady today, and she had also heard the devastating rumors. She claimed to own one pair of skinny jeans.

With the skinnies out, I have one leggings and three dresses right now, and eight sweater tops (good god.) What other type of bottom options exist? Long skirts. Short skirts. Pedal pushers. Boot cuts. Overalls. Skorts. Pleated wool pants. Canvas Dickies. Land’s End Khakis. Good god, this is all stuff my mother would wear? Well, she does have great style.

As far as shoes, I’m thinking clogs. Well, they may be uncomfortable.

Just got back from searching the web for boots, and I really want to find my new things at the stores. Maybe even, dare I say it, find a local thrift or consignment store nearby. Like, I want to feel the outfits come together… It’s gonna be magical.

Bed time soon,


By justpearlythings

I am a writer, a lover, and a believer in the good things in life. I write about mental health and wellness, along with book reviews and fashion opinions. My blog caters to thoughtful, growth-minded women and men, and offers insights and personal challenges that provide a space for relevant, meaningful connection. The World Wide Web is vast, it contains multitudes, and so do we as people. I believe that through self-awareness and honesty, we create a more loving planet for everyone. Feel free to follow this page and share it with friends and family. Love, Pearl

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