Out of Coffee, In a Mood

It’s 7:11 AM and I am dressed and I’ve taken my meds and the bed is made (more or less) but there is no coffee. I reached my grubby little hand into the coffee bin this morning to find it empty – not a single packet left. So here I am, waking up slowly the way humans used to do before the invention of Mr. Coffee.

I feel irritable, because of the coffee, but also because my monthly cycle is coming to an end and (sorry if it’s TMI) it’s a monthly period of general malaise for me, peppered with moments of insight and euphoria.

I’ll get my caffeine fix later this morning, around 10 AM, when I head out of my apartment building and into the almost-Spring day. I’ve still got some energy left and I’ll use it to meet my obligations and to show up.

Today I’m wearing my new boot leg jeans from J Crew. Yes, they fit and they are comfy and they are decidedly not skinny jeans. Take that, Tik-Tok Gen Z – ers.

As I look at the building slowly becoming brighter in the rising sun, I think that life can feel pretty repetitive. Not that it’s a bad thing, it just is true. Like every day, I wake up and eat and go to sleep. And I can do little things differently like take a trip or go visit something or do something new, but I feel like the days are more often similar than they are different. It’s kind of annoying, but maybe that is just my mood talking.

That’s it for now,


By justpearlythings

I am a writer, a lover, and a believer in the good things in life. I write about mental health and wellness, along with book reviews and fashion opinions. My blog caters to thoughtful, growth-minded women and men, and offers insights and personal challenges that provide a space for relevant, meaningful connection. The World Wide Web is vast, it contains multitudes, and so do we as people. I believe that through self-awareness and honesty, we create a more loving planet for everyone. Feel free to follow this page and share it with friends and family. Love, Pearl

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