Life Updates April 2021

Good morning from blooming, blossoming Manhattan. I realized in my excitement to answer the recent questions, I haven’t updated y’all on my life much lately.

The last we talked, I had texted my ex, S. The update on that is very boring: it’s gonna be a no, dawg. S was like, swerve, when I told him about my leanings toward polyamory. I was kind of bummed because S is good at backgammon, and possessed those qualities (short-tempered, abrasive, emotionally distant) that I’m still not far along enough in therapy stop being attracted to.

All’s well that ends well, and S and I remaining broken up is for the best. At this rate, summer 2021 will see me single and ready to mingle.

Speaking of mingling – I so love being able to do more activities thanks to the fine weather. yesterday I walked through CP and saw hundreds, literally hundreds of people, picnicking and having weddings and birthday parties. Even though I was alone, I felt the communal joy of the city in springtime.

Today I get to meet with my book club and walk around the Met. It’s harder to make friends as an adult, so I’m glad the Meetup app has proven so useful. I prefer to have an activity that the group can orient around, which is why I started a book club. This is the first trip we are taking to the museum as a club, and I’m hoping it will draw some new members.

My closest friendships are still the ones I formed in childhood and early adulthood, and I cherish them and maintain them as best I can. Without such people, I would be having a much harder time feeling secure here in the Big apple.

In New York, I think DC my cat is my best friend. I’m learning how to be social in a different way, through clubs and mutual interest groups. Romance is on the way to me, I know it, but I am happy to wait until it’s the right time and the right person (or people.)

What’s new with you?


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