Raise Your Hand If Your Phone Is Dying

Mine is at 4 percent. I am at a cafe and my charger is at home. This is all because I have a lack of coffee in my house. Hence I came to the cafe. Now that the situation is laid out, here is a pic of my current situation. Thursday vibes Pearl

Skinny Jeans Revival

I give up. I fished out the skinny jeans from the give-away pile and am wearing them now. They fit so well. I put the boot-cut jeans in the give-away pile, but I am just learning them a lesson in pridefulness, I don’t think I am actually getting rid of them. It’s 7 on the…… Continue reading Skinny Jeans Revival

Yuzu and Air

My left nostril is unclogged and smells the two candles from Soapology that are unlit but smelly-good enough to perfume the air. I see the morning sunlight brightly shining on the cathedral next door; the stone saints look like they’re squinting. I’m so glad I got another pair of these futuristic leggings, this time in…… Continue reading Yuzu and Air