How to Feel Good About What You Can Do (Versus Feeling Shite About What You Can’t)

My interest in Irish history is teaching me lots of cool terms, like shite and ta. But I digress – I need to tell you that it’s okay to feel okay about the things you are capable of doing. And that it’s not necessary to feel badly about those things you aren’t capable of doing.…… Continue reading How to Feel Good About What You Can Do (Versus Feeling Shite About What You Can’t)

When Anxiety for the Future Feels Safer than Peace in the Now

I’ve committed to yet another self-experiment. I enjoy guinea-pigging myself to see how certain methods affect me. Mostly, I come out on top – learning more about myself along the way, and despite the discomforts of the experiment, I usually end up implementing at least part of the techniques in my daily life. In this…… Continue reading When Anxiety for the Future Feels Safer than Peace in the Now

We Can Choose (At Least Some of) Our Problems

Problems are like elbows – everyone’s got them. Our individual problems say a lot about where we are in life, and in this piece, I suggest that imagining problems constructively can build a life that is enjoyable and fulfilling. I use this method in my own life whenever I’m trying to achieve something, which is…… Continue reading We Can Choose (At Least Some of) Our Problems

Why Perfectionism Kills Fun

It’s been a while since my last post. Like, almost a month? I can make excuses: I’ve been putting down roots in New York City; I’ve been adopting a cat; I’ve been working on my meditation and exercise routines. All of these are true, but the real reason I’ve been procrastinating is that I struggle…… Continue reading Why Perfectionism Kills Fun

Why Does Joy Trigger Anxiety?

As a recovering co-dependent, one of the first things I learned was the importance of naming my feelings. For about a month, I carried around a worksheet that I had printed out called the Wheel of Emotions. When I was unsure what I was feeling, I could pull out that crumpled piece of paper and…… Continue reading Why Does Joy Trigger Anxiety?

Play, Ground.

What can a swing teach me about life?   I see the swing. I think, “Oh, this looks fun.” I climb on, I push off, I ascend.   I pick up speed. My stomach drops. I feel afraid.   I slow down. I scrape the bottom of my Chucks against the ground.   I regain…… Continue reading Play, Ground.

Fully Human: Destruction

Today a storm raged in Austin, and the natural process of destruction inspired me. Examples of beneficial aspects of destruction include a forest fire that fertilizes new generations, or the storm that is, as I write this, filling our Greenbelt with fresh water. Nature teaches us that destruction and creation can and must co-exist. Nature…… Continue reading Fully Human: Destruction

The Hardest Part of Change

My blog focuses on personal growth, positive expansion, and ending bad habits. I talk about the pathways to change, and how good change comes from within. If change can be good, then why does it hurt so badly? The answer is, change doesn’t have to hurt. In this piece, I’ll explain how compassion can transform…… Continue reading The Hardest Part of Change