Coping with Codependency: Addiction and Intertwined Illnesses

Remarkably, it was a twelve-step program for co-dependents that gave me the strength to face my issues with addiction. I began learning about codependency after a terrible breakup, and found that I fit the bill for a garden-variety, run-of-the-mill, codependent. Here’s what I learned about codependents: CODEPENDENTS OFTEN… Have difficulty identifying what they are feelingMinimize,…… Continue reading Coping with Codependency: Addiction and Intertwined Illnesses

Why Does Joy Trigger Anxiety?

As a recovering co-dependent, one of the first things I learned was the importance of naming my feelings. For about a month, I carried around a worksheet that I had printed out called the Wheel of Emotions. When I was unsure what I was feeling, I could pull out that crumpled piece of paper and…… Continue reading Why Does Joy Trigger Anxiety?

Play, Ground.

What can a swing teach me about life?   I see the swing. I think, “Oh, this looks fun.” I climb on, I push off, I ascend.   I pick up speed. My stomach drops. I feel afraid.   I slow down. I scrape the bottom of my Chucks against the ground.   I regain…… Continue reading Play, Ground.

Fully Human: Destruction

Today a storm raged in Austin, and the natural process of destruction inspired me. Examples of beneficial aspects of destruction include a forest fire that fertilizes new generations, or the storm that is, as I write this, filling our Greenbelt with fresh water. Nature teaches us that destruction and creation can and must co-exist. Nature…… Continue reading Fully Human: Destruction