Why is Breaking Habits So Hard? (Not What You Think)

As you guys may know, I’ve been on a journey from recognizing I had an addiction to marijuana, to addressing it and changing my bad habits and living a new life. Since I began this journey I have relapsed. It terrifies me how easy it is to fall back into those bad habits. Why is…… Continue reading Why is Breaking Habits So Hard? (Not What You Think)

Codependency, Self-Sabotage, and Self-Worth

  I’ve made progress in my recovery from codependency, but lately, I’ve also witnessed the regression, the moving backwards, the self-defeat and the self-sabotage that is erasing the progress of my recovery. I am writing this piece to address the ways in which I sabotage my recovery, and address the low self-esteem that makes self-sabotage…… Continue reading Codependency, Self-Sabotage, and Self-Worth

Clear Mind, Scary Thoughts

It’s been about a week since I started the sobriety journey and the “try to stop giving unsolicited advice and try to free myself of trying to control other people” journey. One thing that I’ve noticed, in doing both of these things at the same time, that my cleared mind is making way for a…… Continue reading Clear Mind, Scary Thoughts