I Feel Uncomfortable, and It’s Great

Greetings, from Manhattan, New York! I am writing this on the hardwood floor as I currently do not have any furniture. My bed and mattress arrive tomorrow, along with my coffee table. The couch and television will need to wait, because I will be next week and won’t be around to receive the deliveries. Needless…… Continue reading I Feel Uncomfortable, and It’s Great

In Defense of Bad Days

I had a hard day yesterday, and I can’t blame other people for my cloudy disposition. I acknowledge that certain moments triggered my feelings of anxiety and fear, but the feelings themselves were my own. The frustrating thing about self awareness is taking responsibility for all aspects of myself. Self accountability is the key to…… Continue reading In Defense of Bad Days

Clear Mind, Scary Thoughts

It’s been about a week since I started the sobriety journey and the “try to stop giving unsolicited advice and try to free myself of trying to control other people” journey. One thing that I’ve noticed, in doing both of these things at the same time, that my cleared mind is making way for a…… Continue reading Clear Mind, Scary Thoughts