Staying the Course: How to Reach Your Goal

A lot of us know how to set goals. Boy, can we set them. But we set goals and then something happens between start and finish, and our goals remain un-reached, despite our earnest desires and efforts. Why? The answer I propose is that as we near a goal, we change. And this change in…… Continue reading Staying the Course: How to Reach Your Goal

If a Tree Falls…

I used to believe Pics or it didn’t happen. If no one hears it, That tree didn’t fall. Now I see Myself. I witness. Myself. At first it felt lonely, My own eyes not being enough. But as my self love grew, So did my ability to exist, Unfiltered. Unwatched. Unseen. I affirm, I am…… Continue reading If a Tree Falls…

Codependency, Self-Sabotage, and Self-Worth

  I’ve made progress in my recovery from codependency, but lately, I’ve also witnessed the regression, the moving backwards, the self-defeat and the self-sabotage that is erasing the progress of my recovery. I am writing this piece to address the ways in which I sabotage my recovery, and address the low self-esteem that makes self-sabotage…… Continue reading Codependency, Self-Sabotage, and Self-Worth

Banish Bad Habits with the Waning Moon

I intend to banish that which no longer serves me during this waning moon. As a menstruating person, I take extra care to notice the way in which the moon’s phases mirror the monthly tides of my own system. Like the moon, I grow to full during ovulation, and wane back to darkness as I…… Continue reading Banish Bad Habits with the Waning Moon

Rewiring My Brain: Adventures in Neuroplasticity

It’s been almost a month since my first trip to New York City, that dream-scape city of my dreams. I sat in a bookstore called Shakespeare’s and wrote about rewiring my brain the way an explorer navigates a new trail. You see, I realized that I cannot continue to follow the same worn-out mental paths…… Continue reading Rewiring My Brain: Adventures in Neuroplasticity