A Time for Learning and a Time for Doing

In May of 2019, I had just quit my 9-5 job in order to work for myself. It was the biggest leap of faith I had taken at that time, and I woke up in a panic during the first few weeks afterward. “What have I done?” and “I wonder if I can get my…… Continue reading A Time for Learning and a Time for Doing

In Defense of Bad Days

I had a hard day yesterday, and I can’t blame other people for my cloudy disposition. I acknowledge that certain moments triggered my feelings of anxiety and fear, but the feelings themselves were my own. The frustrating thing about self awareness is taking responsibility for all aspects of myself. Self accountability is the key to…… Continue reading In Defense of Bad Days

If a Tree Falls…

I used to believe Pics or it didn’t happen. If no one hears it, That tree didn’t fall. Now I see Myself. I witness. Myself. At first it felt lonely, My own eyes not being enough. But as my self love grew, So did my ability to exist, Unfiltered. Unwatched. Unseen. I affirm, I am…… Continue reading If a Tree Falls…

Codependency, Self-Sabotage, and Self-Worth

  I’ve made progress in my recovery from codependency, but lately, I’ve also witnessed the regression, the moving backwards, the self-defeat and the self-sabotage that is erasing the progress of my recovery. I am writing this piece to address the ways in which I sabotage my recovery, and address the low self-esteem that makes self-sabotage…… Continue reading Codependency, Self-Sabotage, and Self-Worth

What the Torta Kid Taught Me

I remember seeing the Vine of the little boy who opened the fridge to realize that someone ate his torta (sandwich). I posted the video below, if you haven’t already seen it. The expression of pure despair in the boy’s voice struck a cord with me, because it is the sound of losing something that…… Continue reading What the Torta Kid Taught Me

The Quietness of Self-Care

I’ve been researching a lot on co-dependency. I’m more aware of the symptoms and patterns of codependent behavior, and being open to this knowledge is helping me to re-focus my intent and actions. The thing is, I often find myself wanting to instigate something exciting, only to stop myself, because yay for non-manipulative, authentic interactions.…… Continue reading The Quietness of Self-Care

Life is a series of actions that create your world

One should not underestimate the power of a single act. Especially in times of chaos, war, and intense vulnerabilities, the force of will it takes to act – and to act authentically – is a reclamation of personal power that transforms one’s own body into a raft on unsteady seas. We must all learn to…… Continue reading Life is a series of actions that create your world