Perfectionism Has No Place in Self-Care (Or My Bathtub)

I just got out of a hot bath. I put a few drops of lavender essential oil and a few more drops of ylang ylang essential oil in the tub, stirred it around, and lowered myself into the steamy, hot water. Then I looked around at my bathroom and noticed some spots that needed cleaning.…… Continue reading Perfectionism Has No Place in Self-Care (Or My Bathtub)

Codependency, Self-Sabotage, and Self-Worth

  I’ve made progress in my recovery from codependency, but lately, I’ve also witnessed the regression, the moving backwards, the self-defeat and the self-sabotage that is erasing the progress of my recovery. I am writing this piece to address the ways in which I sabotage my recovery, and address the low self-esteem that makes self-sabotage…… Continue reading Codependency, Self-Sabotage, and Self-Worth