Why Getting Healthy Actually Sucks

Ugh. Just ugh. Here’s a piece that has been in my mind, pricking it my brain, for days now. It’s about why getting healthy, mentally and physically, actually sucks. It’s about why I actually hate personal growth. Eff this. It’s so hard, sometimes it feels too hard. And I feel both brave and hopeless and…… Continue reading Why Getting Healthy Actually Sucks

Trust Me, I Love You

Feel this spider’s rope Invisible, yet strong. I’ve got you. You can keep dropping. Down, Down, Down.   I always have enough rope. It will not break. You are safe down there. Because I am up here.   And when you are ready When your work down there is done When the excavation is complete…… Continue reading Trust Me, I Love You

Rewiring My Brain: Adventures in Neuroplasticity

It’s been almost a month since my first trip to New York City, that dream-scape city of my dreams. I sat in a bookstore called Shakespeare’s and wrote about rewiring my brain the way an explorer navigates a new trail. You see, I realized that I cannot continue to follow the same worn-out mental paths…… Continue reading Rewiring My Brain: Adventures in Neuroplasticity